Aug 19, 2014

Makeup Brush Roll Tutorial

I got a special reuqest from a friend recently to make her a makeup brush roll. Like so many of us, she does her makeup on the go, but wanted a good way to carry around all of her brushes. I was more than happy to whip up this simple project.

Here is how you can make your own makeup brush roll. This is a pretty easy project, and would be great for a beginning sewer--only straight lines here.

First here is what you will need for this project:
1 9" x 15" piece of fabric
1 9" x 15" piece of interfacing (optional)
1 9" x 15" piece of lining fabric
1 10" x 15" piece of fabric for the pocket
18"-20" piece of ribbon or bias tape 
Sewing machine (can also be hand sewn)
(The fabric can be different sizes to work for whatever you need.)

Take the pocket piece, fold it in half lengthwise, and iron it. Then top stitch the pocket along the fold line. Pin the pocket to the lining fabric, and sew along the sides and bottom of both pieces. Use a scant 1/8" seam (this will insure that this line of sewing will be hidden once it is finished).

Now it's time to mark your pockets. You can customize these pockets to what ever size you need. I made a few 1 1/2" pockets, and then varied the sizes (from 3/4" to 1") to be able to accommodate a variety of brush sizes. I marked them with a pencil to be able to see it on my fabric.

Sew the pocket markings from the bottom to the top. This will ensure that you don't have any bubbles or puckering at the bottom of the pockets. Remember to back stitch at the top to reinforce those pockets.

Next take your ribbon or bias, fold it in half and sew along one side of your lining/pocket piece. Sew it so the tie lies on the inside of the fabric.

Now with the right sides together, place the exterior fabric on top of your lining/pocket piece. Sew along the sides and bottom of the roll.  Then sew along the top, leaving an opening for turning.

Turn out the pouch and iron it. Iron in the seam allowance for the opening. This will make it easier to top stitch. Now, top stitch (stitch very close to the outer edge of the pouch), starting at one of the sides. When you get to the opening, top stitch which will close the roll completely.

Now it's all ready to tote your favorite makeup brushes. I like to keep my liners and mascaras in the roll too.

You can also adapt this to make a crayon or pencil roll, perfect for back-to-school.

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