Sep 5, 2014

Friday five

I'm gonna change up my friday posts and instead I'm just gonna showcase five of my faves from the week. I'm gonna try to span a few different topics, so here goes...

picture from Sew Can She
1. Fave craft
These ribbon and vinyl zipper pouches are cute and would be perfect to hold your TSA liquids when flying.

via YouTube
2. Fave food
I must make baby groot cupcakes! They are too cute for words.

picture from Eating Bird Food
3. Fave fitness
This list of 80 reasons to exercise is sure to have a reason in there for everyone. I like numbers 19, 25, and 31.

4. Fave funny
This is just too true, "If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends"!

via Urban Decay
5. Fave makeup
My new Perversion mascara is totally rocking my lashes!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be heading to the beach to get in some more summer!

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