Sep 8, 2014

Baked plantains

Plantains seem to be the hot new food trend in the healthy circles these days, but for me it's been a staple of my diet since before I can even remember. Plantains were almost a daily staple on my dinner table. Since plantains are so available now, I figure I'd share some of the ways to cook plantains with you.

Plantains may look like bananas on steroids, but they aren't just big bananas. They are starchier and you have to cook them. You can cook them when they are green and unripe or yellow and ripe. (TIP: The more black spots on your ripe plantains, the sweeter they will be.)

Though the usual recipes call for you to fry the plantains, I was looking for something healthier, baked plantains. You can easily make this in the oven, but it's so easy to make in the microwave. This works with ripe plantains. These were a little under ripe for my taste (I like them sweeter), but still worked really well.

~ 1 ripe plantain
~ Oil or cooking spray
Yields 2 servings

1. Peel the ripe plantain. (Use a knife to cut off the ends and score the skin, then peel with your fingers.)
2. Coat lightly with oil or cooking spray and wrap in paper towel.
3. Microwave for 2 minutes (or until soft). (Alternately, you can bake the plantains until tender and caramelized.)
4. Eat as part of your favorite meal.

The plantains are sweet on their own and there is no need to add any sweeteners. This recipe is so easy and so yummy. It makes a perfect side dish for any meal. I really love having sweet plantains with pork or chicken.

Have you tried plantains before?

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