Sep 12, 2014

Friday five

Hope everyone had a great week out there. I feel like I've been working out like crazy with the half marathon training and I also started T25 a couple of weeks ago. But in the end, I know it'll all be worth it. Here are some of my faves I found between work and working out this week:

picture from girl. Inspred
1. Fave craft
I love pouches, I could make pouches to hold and keep together everything. I can't wait to make another boxy pouch, maybe in a chevron, like this one.

2. Fave recipe
Honey Mustard Fried Chicken Sliders. I don't need to say anything else!

via Etsy
3. Fave fitness
My best friend and I totally got these shirts to rock at our next race. We're always saying how crazy we are, why not tell the world! LOL

picture from A Beautiful Mess
4. Fave accessory
This head wrap is such a great idea. It would do a great job hiding nasty runner's hair.

5. Fave bit of redheaded awesomeness
Check out these 11 facts about redheads.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend in store!

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