Sep 15, 2014


Reading: Ok, I'm totally obsessed with Outlander. I just finished book one, and just started the second book Dragonfly in Amber. My best friend, Kris, recommended these to me forever ago, but with the series I finally started reading them. They are long, but I'm so hooked. Never thought I'd lust after a redhead, but then he is in a kilt!

Watching: Outlander, obviously! I can't believe the first half of season 1 is about to end. But at least the new TV season is about to start, so finally, my shows will be back.

Thinking about: All the races I have coming up in the fall and winter. As of now, it's 1 5k, 3 10ks, and 3 half marathons. I can't believe that the girl that never ever thought she could run, is running 13.1 miles!

Looking forward to: Going to Florida Blog Con this weekend. I had such a great time last year, I can't wait to go and learn and meet tons of new friends!

Wishing: That the sun came out later, so I could sleep in more on my long run days. But in the end, it's all worth it to see that I can do it. I never thought I'd be running 10 miles on the weekend (like I did on Saturday!), but I did it! If I can do it, anyone can.

Making me happy: My FitBit buzzing to tell me I reached my 10,000 step goal for the day, new makeup, jumping in the pool on a hot afternoon, talking to friends til all hours of the night, crazy ideas, piling all my hair on top of my head and being told it looks nice.

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