Sep 19, 2014

Friday five

I hope everyone is having a great week. I'm excited, cause I'm heading up to Orlando for FL Blog Con today.

picture from Sweet Cs Designs
1. Fave craft
I'm loving these easy to make (and dishwasher-safe) glitter mugs! I never thought vinyl would work on mugs.

picture from DIY Real

2. Fave recipe
Coffee cup quiche. I knew you could make mug brownies and cake, but I love this single serving quiche.

via Pro Compression
3. Fave fitness
Pro Compression is having a great fall sale. I love their marathon socks, and the low trainers have become my go to running sock. Check it out with code FALL. (P.S. I'm not getting paid for this, I just really love them!)

4. Fave TV show
OUTLANDER!! I'm so obsessed with this show (and I'm currently reading book 2), and this week is the wedding!

5. Fave funny
21 Things You Should Never Tell Someone from Miami. Dale!

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