Sep 22, 2014

FL Blog Con 2014

It was my second year attending the FL Blog Con, and once again, I left full of information and totally inspired to get out there and make my blog work. This year's theme was "Gotta Get Blogging" and that's exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I left.

The keynote was from Ted Murphy of IZEA. I had seen some flyers and mention of IZEA at last year's blog con, but was so grateful to get a look at the start of the company, and how they are trying to help bloggers like us.

Then I was off to my first session, photography with Julie Deily of The Little Kitchen. I learned overall that lighting matters, sometimes you just don't like you pics, and above all, edit. And in the end practice, practice. practice, you can only get better.

Next I attended the writing workshop with Adam Avitable. Another great session, where we learned the importance of editing.

Unfortunately, it was a very rainy day in Orlando, but the gloominess only moved lunch and the after party inside. It was a little cramped, and took a little longer than usual to get food, but I did really like the Tijuana Flats for lunch. I was so happy to see them using a local company. And I love me some Mexican food.

Since the lunch time was all messed up and took longer than planned, I wasn't able to make it to any of the lunch sessions. But I did check out all of the great sponsors in the Florida Dairy Farmers lounge. (And I might have had some ice cream.)

After lunch, I got tons of business info from Heather Lopez about Turning from Hobby to Business. Then I went to the Monetizing Your Blog session, which was a great panel that included 3 different companies (Crystal from IZEA, Brandon from Affiliate Manager, and Matthew from Sonobi)  that help bloggers and social media influencers get with brands and get compensated. (I got too into this session, cause I didn't take any pics!)

One of the surprises sessions for me was the Instagram session. Nicole Siscaretti of Sparkly Ever After was great, fun, and so excited to share her Instagram knowledge. If you're not following my Instagram, do it now!

Then we learned all about Pecha Kucha in the closing keynote. It's so interesting and such a cool way to communicate.

We got a pecha kucha demo from Katy Widrick. Had to laugh along with her 10 Secrets Only Bloggers Really Know About Blogging.

I love going to this event. It leaves me inspired to share and do even more here on my little corner of the internet. And it's great being with like minded people. My bestie, Kris, is toying with the idea of starting a blog so this was a great place for her to get her feet wet with the whole thing. And see the type of crazy I'm involved in.

I even ended up meeting some South Florida peeps there. I'd love to have a blogger meetup here in the 305, so any Miami-Dade bloggers, hit me up, so we can meet up and chat.


  1. I wish I would have met you! Great write up!

    1. Hi Kristen, wish I would have met you too! Hopefully we can meet up soon. Are you in Miami? I'm always psyched to see my South Florida people!

  2. Sad I missed this but so happy you had an awesome time!