Sep 24, 2014

New look for designed by Diana!

I had been toying with a new look for designed by Diana for a while now. I loved my previous logo, but I felt it was too much about the aprons. Though I still love my retro aprons, I feel that I've expanded to so many other things. I didn't want to be boxed in as the apron girl, when I'm also the baking girl, and the running girl.

Thankfully with FL Blog Con looming, it gave me the jump start I needed to get moving with a design overhaul for designed by Diana.

I know I wanted something clean and simple, just highlighting designed by Diana. I've been on a green kick lately, and I love me some grey, so I went out hunting.

Luckily Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet had recently redone her blog with one of the templates from 17th Avenue Designs. I visited their site after seeing Danielle's clean simple new layout and fell in love. This is exactly the kind of things I was looking for. And installing this template would be a LOT easier than trying to figure this all out myself, as I had in the past.

I went over to the site, found a great template and a few add-ons that I knew would make my site feel more me. I'm loving the result!

How do you like the new designed by Diana?

(NOTE: I was not compensated for this nor did I receive my template for free. I just really loved it.)

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  1. Super cute! If I'm ever in the Miami area I'd love to meet up! And if you're ever near the Treasure Coast let me know!