Oct 3, 2014

Friday five

It's not technically Friday, but the day got really busy for me. A day late, but here are my faves from this week:

picture from Sugar Bee crafts
1. Fave craft
This simple knotted fabric headband is cute and would be great to keep all my hair outta my face.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
2. Fave recipe
I've been dying to try cronuts, and A Beautiful Mess came to the rescue with their recipe for homemade cronuts.

via the Runner Box
3. Fave fitness
Anyone tried Runner Box yet? I think I may order one. I'm a sucker for running stuff.

via Remodelaholic
4. Fave decorating idea
Love the idea of these closet offices. Might be an option for my new guest room.

5. Fave TV show
This new show is one of my faves this season, watch How to Get Away with Murder.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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