Oct 17, 2014

Friday five

It's been a busy week for me, both at work and with cupcake orders. I got two orders this week, so Mom and I have been baking all week. But I did manage to find some cuteness on the internet, here are my Friday five:

picture from I Love to Create

1. Fave craft
With Halloween just around the corner, I think I need to make myself this sequin skull shirt.

picture from Delicious Obsessions
2. Fave recipe
I've always wanted to make homemade vanilla extract. Maybe I'll start some to use in my holiday baking.

via Runner's World

3. Fave fitness
I know I'm always struggling with this. Overcoming those nasty mental blocks while running.

via BuzzFeed
4. Fave costume ideas
I'm in costume making mode... and I don't know if it's my Disney kick or what, but I love these Disney costume ideas.

5. Fave thing that is soooo true
17 Secrets Every Target Lover Will Never Tell You. Yes, literally, all of them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm finishing up another cupcake order and getting in a long run.

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