Oct 21, 2014

Almost race time

My fall/winter races are about to kick into high gear. In 16 days, I will be doing my second half marathon. A year ago yesterday, I did my first 10k.

I never ever thought I'd do a 10k, let alone a half marathon (and who would have thought I'd have a race schedule?!). Last weekend I ran "only 6" miles, and yesterday I ran 10.5 miles as a practice long run. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would be part of my normal. But it is, and I kinda like my new normal.

Now, I'm no expert on running. I do follow entirely too many running blogs and too many running groups on Facebook. But, I'm kinda just figuring this all out as I go along. And if someone like me can do this, I'm convinced that anyone can.

And yes, like I tell everyone, I don't love the actual act of running. But you know what I do love? Getting ready to run, the feeling of my head getting cleared of all the craziness I'm thinking about when I'm out there, seeing that I'm slowly getting faster, the feeling of accomplishment when I'm done, seeing other runners and cheering each other on, and getting in those miles. Oh and all the running gear. Gotta love me a new pair of running shoes and some cute running shirts, preferably with a snarky saying on them.

Somehow doing one color run a while back prompted me to keep signing up and keep running. I love, love getting my medals. Combine the bling love with a case of post-race amnesia, and you'll end up signing up for 7 races in the next 4 months! Here is what my race schedule is looking like.

First up, is the RunDisney Wine & Dine weekend. I have the 5k on November 8th in the AM and the half marathon that night. (Yes, I'm totally walking that 5k!)

On Thanksgiving morning, I'm doing the Turkey Trot 10k. I did the 5k last year, but three miles was just too short (I know, who am I?!)

Then in January, I'm doing the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend 10k mostly cause I want that Minnie medal.

At the end of January I have the Miami Half Marathon. I'll be running right in the 305! I totally got this race entry for almost nothing, so I had to do it.

And in February, I'm doing the Glass Slipper Challenge. It's part of Princess Half Marathon weekend. I'm, doing the 10k one day, then the half marathon the next day. Yes, even I think I'm crazy for this one, but I want that glass slipper medal.

Yes, I totally don't believe it, but I know I'll make it across the finish line of each and every one. I have a feeling the race addiction will keep going, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more races for me in 2015.

Have you ever thought of running? Are you doing any races this year?

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