Dec 28, 2015

Mom's First Race

I really wanted to do a Christmas race, and found the Jingle Bell Jog in my race search after the Wine & Dine half half marathon/let down. I found this race, and figured it'd be the perfect place to wear my Christmas ProCompression socks. I registered, and then mentioned it to Mom. It was close to home, and you got a medal! Mom was in, so we registered and waited.

Then it was race day, we had gone to get our bibs and santa suits the day before. It was a little cool, but definitely windy that day. Mom had gotten us cute Santa shirts but we opted to wear our santa suit jackets too.

And not to be outdone, the all out queen of Christmas socks, Mom, wore some cute Santa ones for the race.

The race was a sea full of Santas on the windy morning. It was kind of overcast too, so that didn't warm us up any. And then we were off for our 5k around Tropical Park.

This race takes pretty much the same course that the Turkey Day 5k does, so I knew what we were in for. We had to get a selfie in front of Santa's Enchanted Forest. It is Christmas after all.

Mom and I walked the whole thing, and even though she had a slight shoe issue, we made it. Before we knew it we were at the stadium making the final lap to reach the finish line. And Mom got her first bling!

And I can't be left out of the bling selfie game!

When we got back to my car, the battery was dead, so it turned out to be an adventure after that, but Pop came and jumped me and we grabbed some breakfast.

This was a fun little race and a great chance to get in the Christmas spirit! And seeing people run in costume is always so much fun.

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