Feb 7, 2016

January Mileage Report

This year one of my goals is to run 500 miles.  I'm usually good about getting in my long runs, but I want to get in some quick runs during the week too. I think this will help my speed. Here are my mileage total from the last few years (I think 2013 is a little incomplete, since it's the year I started running).

2015 - 344.42
2014 - 347
2013 - 255.8

Now, I don't think this goal is too nuts, considering all of the races I have coming up, and I'm sure I'll have some at the end of the year too. And now, my monthly update for January.

I only got in 5 runs this month, but managed to get in 21. 5 miles. The month included my first training run in the middle of a thunderstorm (see my lovely soaking wet look above), running in about 40 degree weather one morning (and bundling up like a crazy person to do it) and some IT band pain (which thankfully has gone away). A little crazy, but overall not too shabby a start to the new year. I have my first races of the new year coming up in February, so mileage will be increasing in the next few months.

Now, I'm not putting it out here to brag, but I do want some where to keep me to my goal. I'm ready to do this. Got lots of running clothes and shoes to keep me going!

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