Mar 8, 2016

Live Like Bella 5k Race Recap

My cousin, Vicky, asked me to join her team for this 5k and I was more than happy to. Live Like Bella is an amazing organization that helps with childhood cancer, they assist the families and also donate to fund research. The race took place at Zoo Miami and was also superhero themed. Can't beat an excuse to be a superhero.

I went to one of the local running stores for packet pickup on Thursday, they gave me my bag, shirt, and wristband to get into the zoo, but as I started walking out I remembered my bib. Looks like I had accidentally registered as a walker! Luckily, they changed it and gave me a timed bib right away. Thank goodness.

I threw on my Wonder Woman top and my new black skirt, and thought this would be the perfect chance to test our my new Asics too. The race didn't start til 8am, so I left my house about 7am, I wanted to make sure I could get there and navigate where I had to be.

I got to the zoo in about 25 minutes, so I had time to find the start, which was right in front of the entrance to the zoo. I also had time to use the restroom, and check out some of the dancers they had busting a move before the start.

I actually found a friend from high school and his girlfriend that were doing the race as I waited, so we chatted a bit. And then we were off. I don't usually keep my sunglasses on, but the sun came out, so I was glad I did.

This was a pretty small race, so we all lined up, walkers in the back, and we were off. The first part was a loop around the parking lot, then we started running through the zoo. This was pretty cool. Metro Zoo Miami (I always call it Metro Zoo, since that was it's name for all of my life until a few years ago when they changed it) is a big zoo. There are winding paths around the animals areas, and the animals have a pretty decent sized area to roam. I always recommend people go to the zoo when it's a bit cooler, since there is so much road to cover and it can get hot. And now I know... it's a little over 2 miles to walk the whole zoo. And it did get pretty hot out there, even though it was a nice morning.

And the coolest part, I got to see animals while I was out there running! Of course I had to get some pics. Seems like only the bigger animals were out that early. I got to see the elephants, camels, rhinos, and a little warthog too. And I can say now that I've run next to an elephants and a rhino. I did run next to them, they were just chilling while I did it!

And before I knew it I was heading towards the front of the zoo again and the exit. I wasn't expecting a medal, but there were volunteers waiting to give us a little bling. And I always like a little bling ;)

This was a great little race, gotta say between the superhero theme and the zoo course it was pretty cool. And it was all for such a great cause too.

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