Mar 3, 2016

I'm That Girl

You know the one I'm talking about.... I am that person on your Facebook and Instagram feed that is always posting her workout. 

I get that this annoys some people, but I think that posting my fitness stuff on social media has only let me get more into my fitness, and because of that, I've become more fit. Now, I don't post to show off or make me better than everyone else that isn't working out. I'm documenting my progress. There was a time when 10 miles was impossible, but now it's something I know I can do.

My posts are my proof that I got that workout in. It's not just the big accomplishments, it's also the little ones. Getting in that Monday morning workout, or making sure I did a short run are just as important as getting a medal after crossing a finish line. It's not the big things that make a difference, but all of the little things that add up to something bigger.

I also post to hopefully let someone else know that if I can get out there and make time for my fitness, then they can too. I was never, ever the girl to get out there and sweat, but a good sweaty workout is sometimes exactly what I need. It makes me feel like a badass to get it done, and sometimes is even the therapy that you need. Now, some days it's hard, I'm not gonna lie. Some days I just don't want to do it. But I post those too, cause you need to know that it's not always easy. Sometimes it's a fight to get up and do it. But I get over it and make it happen. Just a little push that I hope I can give someone else.

Posting a sweaty selfie was waaaaay out of my comfort zone over a year ago. And sometimes I'm still hesitant to do it. But I put myself out there. I show myself doing moves or just working out in shorts and a sports bra (which was totally so scary the first time I did it!). I'm hoping that letting you take a peek into what I'm doing, will motivated someone to get out there and do the same.

Social media has also gotten me some amazing friends from all over the country and the world that are there rooting for me and keeping me going. I gotta say that I've found a great group of people online that keep me going, my fit squad, other runners and bloggers, and some have become great friends. These are just people there to boost each other yup and help them along the journey. This FitFam is sometimes the little extra push I need to get in that workout when I don't feel like it or keep my eats clean. It's amazing how peer pressure can work in a positive way.

Do you post your workouts on social media? Are you a sweaty selfie lover? Let me know!

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