Mar 10, 2017

Best Damn Race Orlando 10k Recap

There is a race series in Central Florida called Best Damn Race. They started a couple of years ago, and they have a rolling registration. The first few people get in the race for $1, the next bunch for $5, and so on. Kris did this 10k last year, and raved about it. So when registration day came we were ready to see how fast we could snag our spots. We ended up getting the 10k for $30! Not to bad at all.

Now we registered for this race last year, when we decided we would only do 10ks... hahahaha. We also forgot that Eddie was doing this race with us too. So we all got to run this one together too. And Kris's coach from OTF, Bev, joined in on the fun too.

It was a chilly morning in Orlando on race day. It was another long sleeve race. We parked at Eddie's office and walked the few blocks back to the race start. It was a cold walk. On the way we met up with Bev, and all headed to drop our bag and make a pit stop before the race start.

We lined up and were off. The race ran through downtown Orlando. I've done plenty of Orlando races, but none in downtown Orlando. It was really nice. The only thing is the brick streets. Some of the streets downtown are brick, guess they were trying to be fancy. You just have to watch your footing a bit. But after the wonky-ass streets of NOLA, this was no big deal.

It was definitely colder than during Rn'R New Orleans. It was hard at the beginning cause of the cold. My legs needed to get moving and really warm up. Once we got to about mile 2 and everything was warmer it was much better. I did tape up my knee before the race, but was feeling good. No issues there. 

It was also kind of windy, so it made it a little colder. And made for some headwinds on some of the turns. Coming up the chute to the finish line there was a nasty headwind. It sucked. But soon enough it was all done.

We finished and collected our medals. On our way out of the finishing area, we saw the half medals. They were immense. We decided then and there, it needs to be the half next year. Cause big bling is better bling... LOL

And here is where a good race turned into a great race, even the best damn race if you will, the post-race festivities! First the food. There was the usual bananas, oranges, and cookies. They had some masa real, totally random, but I brought some home for Grandma. And here's the best part, they had pizza. Fresh pizza!

Pizza after a race at 8:15am? Why the hell not. It was delicious.

We snacked on some almond butter bites, smoothies, frozen fruit bars, plus fruit and the pizza. Then we decided to go over to the beer garden.

I figured there would be the regular Michelob Ultra in the beer area. But no, there was also hard cider, hard root beer, and hard cream soda. I can have like 2 sips of a Michelob Ultra and then I'm over it. But the cider was great. And then besides the beer, was a bar. They were serving vodka lemonades and bloody marys.

Who am I to say no to something free. I had to have a celebratory drink or two. I couldn't not try the lemonade. LOL! After we finished our drinks, we headed to get our free massages. You heard me right, FREE massages for everyone. The line wasn't too long, and my massage therapist was amazing. She worked miracles.

And after we took full advantage of all that the race had to offer, we headed down the street to meet up some more friends for brunch at The Stubborn Mule. Great food and great friends. It was so much fun.

I can not say enough good things about the Best Damn Race. I'll totally be back next year for all of the best damn-ness. I emailed them to ask about a possibility any South Florida Best Damn Races, but they are scared of the heat. Come on people...

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