Sep 18, 2017

16 Weeks Out (Marathon Training)

It was Hurricane Irma recovery week. Which meant it was an off workout week, but I did what I could.

Monday, September 11th - Clearing yard waste!

Told you there was an off workout in here. I cleared out my parents yard and mine too. Raking, filling trash cans, emptying trash cans, all in the heat.

Tuesday, September 12th - Rest day
No AC, no electricity. The thought of trying to cool off after a workout with no AC in the Miami summer was too much to even think of.

Wednesday, September 13th - Rest day
We got our electricity back at about 4-5pm, the rest of the day was moving the hurricane party (me, Grandma, Mom & Pop) to my house to be in the cool house.

Thursday, September 14th - Rest day
AC is back, but it was a putting things back in place at home. And soaking in the air conditioning...

Friday, September 15th - Shaun Week: Insane Basics

I wanted to get something in, so I picked something easy and hard if that makes sense. Shaun T is my go to. I know he'll work me out, and it's only 30 minutes.

Saturday, September 16th - Orangetheory class

So glad to be able to get back to class! I think I was out of it for a little too long, cause those rows nearly killed me. Took me a second, but I did get back into the groove.

Sunday, September 17th - 12 miles

It was supposed to be a 13 mile run, but I was glad I got in the 12. The streets are still crazy with fallen trees and hurricane debris. All the sidewalks aren't cleared. This left a LOT of my normal route obstructed, so I did what I could. Because I knew the streets would be blocked and covered in branches, I waited about an hour after my normal start time to start my run. This gave me light, but also extra sun, which meant extra heat. I think all the weaving around debris also bothered my IT band, cause it started bothering me at about mile 9. Walked the last 4 miles, but I got them in.

Next week is a little lower mileage. I'm hoping the streets get a little more cleared up. I know with time they will be.

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