Sep 25, 2017

15 Weeks Out (Marathon Training)

As those numbers up there keep getting smaller, my anxiety keeps getting bigger.

Monday, September 18th - REST DAY
Didn't intend this to be a rest day, but my body needed the sleep.

Tuesday, September 19th - 21 Day Fix: Total Body Cardio Fix & Upper Fix

Jenn and I re-started 21 Day Fix. I had to catch up after my rest day on Monday. I got in Total Body Cardio in the morning, and then Upper Fix at lunch.

Wednesday, September 20th - 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix & Foam Rolling

21 Day Fix left me sore! So I foam rolled before my lower workout. The lower body fix definitely left my legs burning.

Thursday, September 21st - 21 Day Fix: Pilates Fix & 30 minute run

Did my Pilates Fix in the morning, then got in a 30 minute run during lunch. Felt great to get that midday runch session in.

Friday, September 22nd - Rest Day

Saturday, September 23rd - OTF Class

It was endurance day. I feel like whenever I take more than a few days off from OTF, I get stuck in an endurance class. But I did run 1.09 miles in 12 minutes. And did I mention I ran those 12 minutes without stopping?

Sunday, September 24th - 5 miles

This week's Sunday run called for a short one. I got in 5 miles, and it felt good and easy. The streets were a little clearer from debris since last week, and it was slightly cooler too, and by slightly cooler, I mean it wasn't 80 (it was 78), which helped.

And I managed to get negative splits! Always a welcome sign.

Next week is already messing with me. It'll be the longest I've ever run. I have a few of those weeks coming my way, so time to get ready for it.

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