Oct 5, 2017

14 weeks to go... Farthest I've ever run

A little late on this week's post, but here we go. 14 weeks left til go time. I was a little nervous the whole week knowing that I had 15 coming up on Sunday.

Monday, September 25th - 21 Day Fix: Total Body Cardio Fix

Late night workout, it was super sweaty, but I got it done.

Tuesday, September 26th - 21 Day Fix: Upper Fix

Killed arm day before I went to get my vote on.

Wednesday, September 27th - 4.2 mile run

Had to run 4.2 miles for Jenn's 42nd birthday! And did it on my new treadmill.

Thursday, September 28th - REST DAY

Friday, September 29th - 21 Day Fix: Cardio Fix

Early morning cardio to get Friday started right.

Saturday, September 30th - Orangetheory class (power day)

Tried to take it easy on the tread. But once my heart rate got up on the sprint row, it was always up.

Sunday, October 1st - 15 miles

This is the farthest I've ever, ever run. Not gonna lie, I was super apprehensive about this run. I went on Map My Run the night before and plotted out a course around my house. I didn't want to go out to somewhere unfamiliar, since I knew I'd be out there for a while. I also taped up my IT band, and laid out my clothes. I was ready as I could be.

I got up on Sunday morning and headed out before the sun. I intentionally slowed the hell down. I knew I'd need to keep it slower to be able to keep it going that long. I kept telling myself it's just 5 miles (which was great last week) 3 times. I can do this.

I listened to my podcasts which kept me entertained, and just kept chugging along. I started fueling about every 2ish miles, and I got a water refill at about mile 6.5ish. My course was 2 out and backs with my house in the middle. I was done with the first one, and crossed my street to start the 2nd half. It was harder, but I think it was more mental than anything. My legs felt ok, but the sun was out at this point and the humidity was getting to me. I need to bring electrolytes with me next time, I think they will help.

I needed more water, and found a church with an outdoor water fountain, which was a god send. The water was even cold! Somehow, during that stop though, I managed to pause my RunKeeper, so that was off by about 2-3 miles. ARGH. I was so mad. Thankfully I had plotted my course and has my Fitbit running, so I went with the mileage on that.

When I finally got home, I foam rolled my legs. And then... I braved a mini ice bath. There wasn't too much ice, but I think I got the effect anyway. Thankfully the only thing that was sore was my calves, which were sore pre-run. But some compression sleeves made them feel better.

I was kinda impressed of how ok I felt after that 15 miler. Now an easy week this weekend, and then back to the crazy.

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