Oct 9, 2017

13 weeks to go (marathon training)

Last week just felt a little off, not gonna lie. I blame the full moon. But I got in what I could.

Monday, October 2nd - REST DAY
A helluva headache left me sidetracked today. Bleh.

Tuesday, October 3rd - 21 Day Fix: Upper Fix

Head a little better than night, and I know mentally I needed a workout. Arms is what was on the schedule.

Wednesday, October 4th - REST DAY
This one was unintentional, but life got away from me, and I just didn't have time.

Thursday, October 5th - Run 30 minutes

Got in a mid-week run, even with a huge thunderstorm happening. This is when I'm thankful for the treadmill.

Friday, October 6th - 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix

I wanted to skip, but with 2 rest days already, I got in my lower body work.

Saturday, October 7th - Orangetheory class: Strength

Class was a tough one. Lots of inclines on the treadmill. The floor work was a lot of chest and upper body, but I loved it.

Sunday, October 8th - Run 5 miles

Yup, I was out late on Saturday night, and then Sunday morning was just messy. No excuses for me, I got on my treadmill and busted out my 5 miles. At least I had some Netflix to keep me entertained.

Another week in the books. Next week is another super killer long run, but I know I got it. Plus, thankfully I'll have company.

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