Sep 13, 2017

18 & 17 Weeks Out - Marathon Training

Combining two weeks, cause with the long weekend, and then hurricane prep, I got a little behind. But here goes...

Monday, August 28th - 21 Day Fix: Total Body Fix & Yoga

Jenn and I decided to give the OG 21 Day Fix a chance. So we did. Then some days you're so sore, and you need a little yoga at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 29th - 21 Day Fix: Upper Fix

Arms were burning after this one!

Wednesday, August 30th - Orangetheory: Endurance/Power Day

Crazy run/row day. Thanks to Kris for giving me the heads up, but it was still so hard.

Thursday, August 31st - 21 Day Fix: Pilates Fix

The original 21 Day Fix pilates doesn't involve the resistance band, so it's much more doable. But it still burned.

Friday, September 1st - Namaste & Cabernet

Drove to Orlando for the long weekend, and went straight to this class. It was a yoga class in a winery. Yoga class and 2 glasses of wine included. It was so much fun, a great workout with great friends, and wine!

Saturday, September 2nd - Orangetheory 90 min class: Power

Even though we were home by 10, the class the night before and the week in general had me tired. After an hour of this class it was hard to keep going, but I did.

Sunday, September 3rd - 11 miles

Early morning training run. We went out to a running trail by Baldwin Park. It was great to be out on this nice trail. Have to find a place like this at home. It was really dark at parts, but eventually the sun came up. We walked after mile 6, but got in all 11 miles in our plan.

Monday, September 4th - REST DAY
It was Labor Day. And after a weekend full of workouts, Kris and I decided to take the day to sleep in, and then walk around the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

Tuesday, September 5th - Beast Week: Chest & Arms

Back at it and wanted to try out this new workout by Sagi, the Body Beast (aka the bodybuilder in Beachbody). It was a lot of reps, and on muscles I don't really train. Liked the challenge, but my armpits and chest were sore for days.

Wednesday, September 6th - 30 minute treadmill run

I had every intention of doing the Beast Week Legs workout when I went to the gym at lunch, especially since they have so many weights. But it wouldn't load at all, so I got in a run. Possibly my only run for the week, since hurricane frenzy had already begun.

Thursday, September 7th - Orangetheory: Endurance & installing plywood

Hurricane day off from work, but Orangetheory was open, so I went to get in a class. I silently sighed when it was endurance day, but I needed it. And I got through 450 reps of the 600 rep floor challenge.

After class, I helped my brother put plywood on the windows of his apartment. So more lifting, legs and arms are toast.

Friday, September 8th - Beast Week: Legs

Waited til after lunch to get in my workout, but with the hurricane stress, I needed it. The legs workout from Beast Week already has me feeling it, but with the storm starting tomorrow afternoon, I'll have time to rest off the sore.

Saturday, September 9th - REST DAY
Waiting for the storm to come.

Sunday, September 10th - 10 minute BOD yoga
I downloaded some 10 minute yoga on Beachbody on Demand before the storm. I got restless about 12+ hours in and pulled out my iPad and did a little yoga. The stretching so helped my legs.

Next week is all pending how the hurricane treats us....

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