Nov 30, 2017

6 weeks to go (marathon training, the 20 miler)

This is it, the week of Thanksgiving and a 20 miler too. Add in a family wedding to make it all more complicated.

Monday, November 20th - Piyo Sweat
Got in about 20 minutes of this, then had to deal with some stuff at home. But hey, it was something

Tuesday, November 21st - REST

Wednesday, November 22nd - Orangetheory class: Power
Got up early and went to class. I hadn't been in a week, and I was so happy to lift weights again.

Thursday, November 23rd - Turkey Trot 10k
Turkey Trot this year was a HOT one. It was kinda miserable. The water stops also weren't ready as people walked by them. I did have a group of friends that went with me this year, but I was the only one doing the 10k. I was slower than I wanted, but I did it. And today was the start of the Fellow Flowers holiday challenge. 30 minutes of movement every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's.

Friday, November 24th - Piyo Lower
Needed a little stretch for my legs.

Saturday, November 25th - Piyo Upper
Almost didn't get anything in, but it was only Day 3 of the #moveyourass Fellow Flowers holiday challenge, so I had to get something in.

Sunday, November 26th - 20 miles
And here it was. The run I had been dreading since I signed up for the full. The 20 miler. Now to make things all the more complicated, this was on Thanksgiving weekend, and I had a family wedding to attend.

Since I had the wedding brunch at 9am, I did some very bad math, and figured I needed to start my run by 3am. Which meant I attempted to get into bed early on Saturday night. I did the best I could, and fell asleep about 10-10:30. The 2:30 alarm woke me up, but I went back to sleep. When the 3am alarm went off, I really didn't want to, but got up, got dressed, grabbed water and fuel and headed out.

I wore all my brights, and got out there to pound the pavement. It was a little chillier than usual, so I wore my arm sleeves, but they only lasted about a mile before they were too much. I carried electolytes again, but the bottle was leaking, so I turned back and left it at home. I had my handheld bottle with water in it, and since it was a little bigger, it worked for the whole run.

I did my first 5 miles and contemplated calling it quits at 10 miles. I was just tired and really didn't want to be out there. By the time I got to 10 miles, I felt pretty good. But I didn't want to admit that I was still doing ok. I didn't want to jinx myself.

I started the second half of my run still feeling pretty good. I got to the half marathon point, and was happy to still be keeping up with my run/walk intervals. I was heading back towards my house in my last turn around. But at about mile 16.5, my left IT band started hurting. I usually only tape my right, but looks like I'll be taping both now. It slowed me down a bit, and I mostly walked. I was able to still get in some run intervals, which I was happy about. Mostly because I wanted it all to be done already.

I had to do a few extra loops around my house to get in the final 2 miles, but I did it. I got in 20 miles. My IT bands hurt and so did my feet. I got into an ice bath when I got back inside. It sucks, but I'm convinced in its powers of recovery. And after the ice bath and shower, we rushed off to another wedding party. I also got a celebratory burger later that night too. Cause damn, I deserved it.

My phone also survived the 20 miler. I had about 75% left when I was done running. I didn't take any pics, cause I wanted to save my battery. Looks like I can take a few.

There is one more long run left in a few weeks before the race. Then this is done. I'll be sticking to halfs, cause this training is just a bit much.

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