Nov 20, 2017

7 weeks to go?! When did that happen (marathon training)

This week was a little off due to a business trip. But I still tried to get something in.

Monday, November 13th - Run
I got in my Sunday run today. Got out a little late, but did 2.51 miles in about 30 minutes. Wanted to get in more, but I had to finish packing for my trip.

Tuesday, November 14th - Rest
It was travel day. Also had some events later that night.

Wednesday, November 15th - Walk
Attempted to go to the gym, but all of the treadmills were taken. So a walk along the hotel by the beach was perfect.

Thursday, November 16th - Walk
Walk along the beach today too.

Friday, November 17th - Yoga on the beach
A little beach yoga today. Can't beat those views.

Saturday, November 18th - 7 mile run
I got in my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday. Knocked out my 7 miles.

Sunday, November 19th - Rest

Next weekend is insane with Thanksgiving and a 20 miler, along with a family wedding. But I'll get it done. I have to, can't turn back now.

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