Nov 6, 2017

9 weeks to go (marathon training)

The finish of Hell Week and a racecation thrown in for good measure. The end of the week was lots of walking around, but I had so many steps!!

Monday, October 30th - Orangetheory class: Hell Week "The Inclines of Death"
Of course, I get another incline workout. It's like they wanted to give me all the hill training I don't get on the streets.

Tuesday, October 31st - Orangetheory class: Hell Week "Helloween"
Halloween is always one of my fave classes at OTF. I didn't get the trick on the tread (a 1.5 mile run). But on my second card for the rowers I got the 3000m row. Got about 1250m in before time was called. Then on the floor, of course, I got the 31 burpees. But it was my day 5 and I got my shirt!

Wednesday, November 1st - Rest day

Thursday, November 2nd - 30 minute run
Needed to get on the street and shake out my legs before my trip to Orlando. I got in an early 30 minute run. It was perfect.

Friday, November 3rd - Rest/expo day
Still managed over 10,000 steps even with a 4 hour car ride.

Saturday, November 4th - Rock N' Roll Savannah Half Marathon
Good race, but a few more hills and inclines than I would have liked. Full recap coming soon!

Sunday, November 5th - Exploring Savannah (19,469 steps)
Kris and I got up early and explored the city. Covered tons of ground before leaving.

This week was another one that was off from the travel. But I needed the trip. Can't wait to share all of the fun.

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