Oct 30, 2017

10 weeks to go (marathon training)

Hell Week at Orangetheory started this week. I'm a sucker for a free t-shirt, like most of us, so I had to get in my 5 Hell Week workouts to get my shirt.

Monday, October 23rd - Clean Week: Core Function
Hell Week didn't start til Tuesday, so I headed to the gym with the girls at lunchtime, and knocked out this workout. It's becoming one of my faves.

Tuesday, October 24th - Rest day
Wasn't able to make it to OTF today.

Wednesday, October 25th - Orangetheory class: Hell Week "Don't Breathe"
Yup, don't breathe is right. Damn hell week is hard

Thursday, October 26th - Rest day
Might have gone out the previous night, so sleeping in was needed.

Friday, October 27th - Orangetheory class: Hell Week "28 Reps Later"

Saturday, October 28th - Orangetheory class: Hell Week "Thigh Day the 13th"

Sunday, October 29th - Rest day

A few more rest days than I would have liked, but Hell Week does have me sore.

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