Oct 23, 2017

11 weeks to go, a 17 mile run (marathon training)

Big mileage week. And a lot of running this week too. Guess I had to make up for last week.

Monday, October 16th - 5 mile run

I couldn't get in my run last weekend, so I got it in during the dark early morning on Monday. Not the best, not the worst.

Tuesday, October 17th - Clean Week: Core Function

I'm really liking the Clean Week workouts, and this one really gets my obliques.

Wednesday, October 18th - Clean Week: Strength

Got into the gym at lunchtime to knock this one out with one of the girls from work. The connection cut out though, so we winged the last half, but still got in a great workout.

Thursday, October 19th - Fellow Flowers Joy Virtual Run 5k

It was time to get in my virtual run. Jenn and I had signed up for this as soon as it came out. I really connect with the Fellow Flowers girls. So I threw on my yellow flower, the bracelet Jenn gave me and ran with joy, because I get to. It was an easy run. The best I've felt out there in a while. I laughed along with my podcast, and enjoyed just being out there with nothing in the world to bother me. Totally found that joy.

Friday, October 20th - REST

Thinking about getting in a run on Saturday, so instead of hitting up OTF, I decided to call a rest day.

Saturday, October 21st - 17 mile run

Here we go again... the farthest I've ever run in my life. I looked at the weather, and it was gonna be slightly cooler on Saturday, and really I just wanted to get the run over with.

I got up at 5am, got on all of my stuff, got water and electrolytes and headed out. It was dark, but I was gonna do the better lit part of my run first, to take advantage of the street lights. I remembered to take it easy and slow.

I was doing ok, except for the fact that the water bottle I was wearing at my waist with the electrolytes was leaking. I figured maybe I filled it too much, so I drank some to empty out the bottle. Drank some more and I thought it was at a good level, so I put it back in my belt. Well, every time I ran, that bottle squirted out nuun all over the place. This was not working for me at all. So I left the bottle on a wall at about mile 1.5 and picked it up on my way back and dropped it off in my mailbox.

The rest of the first part of the run was good. I tried to keep an even pace, and I had fuel ever 2 miles, which really seemed to work. I've been using skratch labs raspberry chews. They're not overly sweet , and I think the outside has a little salt, which helps. I dropped off my water bottle at home and continued with my run, which was about half over.

I stopped by 7-11 and got water and took a pit stop. This little stop helped and I was ready to start tackling the second half of my run. By now, it was a little sunnier, but it was still pretty overcast til about mile 11. Now, bad planning on my part, but flipping this course meant there was no place to get water during the second half. So, I called my backup, Mom, to bring me some ice water. She met me at about mile 12, and filled me up. This was great, cause I was getting a little tired before my turn around here. I did finally make the turn around, and hit mile 13.

My legs were getting tired, but I had tried to keep up the run intervals as much as I could. I know I can do intervals til 13, so I tried my best to keep at it. Once I hit mile 14, there was a lot of walking. I still tried to do some run intervals, which did feel great. I think it was more mental than anything.

A little after mile 15, I was trying to at least run during my "slow" :30 intervals. This is when I started to feel my IT band. It was only hurting a little and only while I ran, so I only did a few run intervals, mostly to get finished faster.

Finally, I was running (walking) up my street and saw the finish up ahead, and my phone died. About .1 miles before my finish. Note to self. No more IG stories while I run. I need my Runkeeper to be able to keep up.

I got inside, and drank water and got in an ice bath. I think I'm sold on the ice baths. My legs feel good. My feet hurt from being on them for 4 hours, but a pedi later and a little massage helped that too.

Sunday, October 22nd - Yoga class

Since I did my long run on Saturday, I got to sleep in on a Sunday, at least til 7, which is late for me. I went and took a yoga class to get me all stretched out. I was still feeling good after the run, and I wanted to keep that going.

The 17 miler is done! And I feel pretty ok after (kinda shocked about that). Coming up is an easy 6 miler next week, which will be a great rest. Who would have thought 6 miles would be an easy week?!

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