Mar 23, 2007

working and more work!

so i started that gig i got for the reality show seamstress last sunday. i worked a full day. it was pretty easy work, i made a table runner, and a crapload of pillows. i also shortened a comforter. i was asked to come back on wednesday after work, and i asked if they needed anyone else, and they said they could use mom, so she came too. we did about 9 more comforters and i finished up the pillows. then last night i did 5 more comforters. and i'll be going back on saturday to stuff the pillows and make some bench covers. 3 full days of work, and i got my mom some work (she loved being on a set for the first time!) and yesterday when i got there the art director (who i'm reporting too--he's super cool) asked if i knew anyone that could paint some walls for him. so i got my brother, angel and his best friend, ralph, the job. it's cool that we all get to do a little something different, and make a little extra cash. i can't wait til this makes it on the air, so i can show you all what i did!

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