Apr 4, 2007

catching up from all of that work!

so a couple of saturdays ago my mom and i did the last full day of work for the reality show. i can't wait til it's on the air, so i can post pics of the work i did. i also ended up doing some alterations for the host of the show. but the gas to and from the beach (about 50 miles each time) was taking a toll on my gas. they have called me back for more work, but i really have to catch up on my stuff.

i am a seamstress for the awesome Krystine, aka The Purse-onality Shoppe. i've been working for her since late last year. it's a great gig, and she loves my work, so i can't complain there.

and i also had a few custom orders for dbD for the girls here at work that i finished up too.

now i have the women's dentist event coming up and i want to have plenty of stock for that. i also want to clean up my pics of the stuff on my site to get a more consistent look. and since the camera is at my mother-in-law's house and will not be recovered until the weekend, this may be a good project this week.

so here's to lots of hard work and prosperity for dbD!

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