Jan 29, 2009

K is for Katie

Katie is athe first bag I made my own pattern for from scratch. So, she holds a special place for me. After doing plenty of research and adapting what I saw, I made the first Katie bag for myself, as kind of a trial. I got great feedback about the bag, so I slightly adjusted my pattern, to make up for some little improvements I saw it needed, and it was ready for sale.

Why Katie you may ask? Well, I pick the names of women I admire for my bags. And since this one had the handle built in (a do-it-myself kinda gal, if you will), I asked my husband for some suggestions. (Somehow, he always seems to have the right name for me!) I wanted the name of a woman who had done it all, or at least was trying to, a groundbreaker. It was right after America had gotten its first female anchor of the nightly network news (something I aspired to when I was younger), so Katie, named after Katie Couric, was a natural choice.
I love it when someone scoops up a Katie bag for themselves. She's a good little bag that can take you from day to night, work to play! I even saw some variations of the Katie bag on the runway recently. Gotta love that!

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