Sep 26, 2010

Glee Premiere Party

This has to be one of my favorite times of year. Not because of the change of the seasons, cause let's be serious, we don't get much change here in Miami, but because of the start of the television season. I love my TV and love to see all the cool new shows and my faves come back with new episodes. One of my absolute favorites right now is Glee. So, along with my friend and fellow "gleek", Elke, we decided to have a Glee premiere party. So here's the scoop on our little handmade Gleek-fest.

Elke and I had been planning this since gleeking-out while watching the season finale together in June, so we had been brewing up ideas since then.

First and foremost were the snacks. We decided on Puck's "special" cupcakes (without the "special" part) and slushies. So we made yellow cupcakes and since we couldn't find red frosting in the store, we doctored up some white frosting with food coloring. They ended up kinda pink, but they worked and they tasted good. Which, in reality, is all that really mattered.

If you've seen Glee you know they are always getting hit in the face with "slushies," the Glee version of slurpees. So I searched the internet looking for slurpee recipes and found one. It was so easy, and they really tasted like slurpees. We made grape, of course, since that is Rachel Berry's favorite flavor. Now of course, we couldn't have our slushies in any old cup. The gleeks on the show always have them in "big quench" cups, so I had to make some for us. Just a little photoshopping and my regular red cups became big quench cups.

Mom also brought some potato skins, so we wouldn't overload on sugar.

Now we couldn't just leave everything looking normal around the house, so we decked it out in McKinley High red and white. We hung streamers and even through in some gold stars, Rachel Berry's trademark.

And to top it all off Elke and I dressed as our favorite gleeks. I gave my best Emma Pillsbury impression with my cardigan and brooch. And Elke did a great Rachel Berry with a sweater knee socks and little skirt. Too bad it wasn't colder, so one of us could have done the Sue Sylvester, but it was a bit to hot to wear a track suit.

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