Oct 10, 2010

Stitch Rock 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away so long but it's been really busy lately. I was lucky enough to be accepted into Stitch Rock 2010. I found out about it a couple of weeks before the show, so I had to re-arrange a few things (like the Lady Grey Sew-Along) in order to get ready for it. So I sewed my heart out and last weekend (October 2nd) my mom and I headed up to Delray Beach for Stitch Rock.

This year my booth was in the outside vendor tent. The tent had about 15 vendors in it and made the inside room way roomier to get around in. It was a bit hot outside, but luckily not as bad as it had been in the previous weeks. And those first 100 show attendees that waited in the sun got the much anticipated goodie bags. And I have to tell you there was some great stuff in there this year.

So I set up my booth under the tent. My new clothes rack was almost completely full of aprons. There were half aprons and full aprons, ones for girls and women and even a few for the men. And as always, I had wallets and pouches. They are always such a hit. Plus, I had my new insulated lunchboxes with me too this year. They are so cute and perfect for taking your lunch to work or school while keeping it cool (I had no intention of that rhyming). I've gotta get working on a new lunchbox for me now.

There were lots of shoppers at Stitch Rock and I got to see lots of my crafty friends that I've met through shows like this. It's always so great to be around the crafty peeps. One of my best friends even came down from Orlando to come see the show.

While I was going around checking out the other crafters at the show, seems like mom was the hit of the afternoon. We both appear in a pic on pbpulse.com and she appeared in the New Times slideshow of Stitch Rock. Check out her cute pic taken by Monica McGivern. Seems Mom was a popular girl!

I was also super proud this year to be representing Handmade Miami! Our little group is only a few months old, but we had lots of interest in our crafter-noons and business workshops. Hopefully we'll be putting on our own show before you know it.

A huge, huge thanks has to go out to the #1 Stitch Rocker, the lady who puts on this show year after year, Amanda Linton. Thanks again for putting on a great show that really lets the indie crafter shine.

I hope to see plenty more of you at Stitch Rock next year. I hope to be there again with cool new items and more stuff for you to enjoy!

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