Oct 23, 2010

Lady Grey Sew-along: The Muslins

So finally, after weeks of craziness going on, I got a chance to make my Lady Grey muslins. I'm so glad I made them and just didn't cut into the fashion fabric right away.

First I cut out my muslin in a size 10. I looked at the back of the pattern for the size measurements and thought this size would be best. I thread traced each of the pieces and then got to assembling them. Getting the arms to fit with the gathering stitches was a pain as always, but this is just the muslin. I finished and then tried it on.

What a mess! As you can see from the pics the size is way too big for me. (Note to self: When making an A-line it's totally okay to go with the waist measurement to determine your size, since the hips won't be fitted) Also, I'm short-waisted (or "corta de talle" as I would say) and the waist was totally in the wrong place. So I came and showed it to grandma to get a second opinion. She pinned where my waist should be and told me I need to bring it up about an inch to get the waist on my waist.

So I began to take apart my muslin to start on my second attempt. This time, I wisely chose the size 6 and moved up the waist about an inch. What a difference! This time the waist was spot on. As you can see from the shoulders, it's a much better fit too. Looks like muslin #2 is a go.

So I think I'm finally gonna cut into the fashion fabric! EEK! Wish me luck. I'm also having a helluva time finding the hair canvas needed for the tailoring. I'm gonna make a stop at a fabric store which has more apparel type fabrics in the hopes of finding it there. Such a shame that I have no idea how to say "hair canvas" or "hymo" in Spanish. I guess I'll just have to try my luck.

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