Dec 6, 2010

Lady Grey Long-Overdue Update

Okay, I admit it. I'm a slacker. But truthfully, I've been busy with shows and the store and Handmade Miami. And it's been hot here in Miami, and that was just no inspiration to make a coat. But then it did start getting chillier here, and from what the news is telling me, I should be needing a coat this week. (The high for tomorrow will be in the 60s, that's cold for us Miami-ans).

So I finally got down to it and cut out my fashion fabric. I have almost all of the coat cut out. All I have left is the lining for the sleeves. I hope I can get the coat together in a few days (that's totally wishful thinking). My coat is gonna be more of a trench then a full-on coat, so I think it'll be useful even on the not too cold days. I also got some cute gloves to go with it. I can't wait to be sporting my own coat.

I have decided not to go with the tailoring techiniques that Gertie showed in her blog. I think the pad stitiching and all that jazz, just made the coat look floppy and frumpy. Plus, I have had no luck finding the hair canvas or anything similar. But we'll see how mine comes out.

Wish me luck in my coat-venture!

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