Dec 15, 2010

Lady Grey Sew-along: Almost Done!

I got down to business and finally got down to making my coat. It's been freaking cold down here in Miami, so looks like I will actually get some use out of my coat this year.

I followed the pattern instructions and everything seemed to go rather smoothly. The Colette Pattern instructions are really good, not confusing like some can be. I sewed and used my serger to finish the edges. Even though it's lined, I wanted to keep it all nice and neat. I also decided to go with the topstitching, since I love topstitching and I think it gives the coat some of its style.

The body of the coat came together pretty smoothly. And then came my arch-nemesis, setting in the sleeves. I followed the tutorial that Gertie posted on her site, using some polar fleece scraps that I had. They fit okay-ish... I think I needed to stretch the fleece a bit more. I did rip out the sleeves and put them in again, and the second time was a bit better. I'm sure had i tried a few more times they would have worked perfectly, but in all seriousness, I was tired and just wanted to get them attached.

Then I started on the lining. I have no idea what I did wrong, but the staystitching made the silky fabric pucker. I fiddled with the tension, but that didn't seem to work either. I went ahead and the seams seemed to come out a little better. There was still some puckering, but I figured it was only lining, and I would be the only one that would notice it. Well, me and grandma, but she won't tell.

Now all I have left is the hem and the sleeve hem, buttons, buttonholes and the belt. I know the belt will be done in no time. It's the hemming that's gonna take a while, but I need the hemming practice anyways. So in a few days you'll get to see my fabulous Lady Grey Coat on me.

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