Jan 13, 2011

Hemming the Lady Grey

Now my Lady Grey coat is basically done, I just had to hem it. I had already tried to hem it once, and it turned out to be a disaster. So I ripped it all out. Then it got cold here in Miami last night. And I figured I might still have a chance to wear the coat this year. So I attempted the hemming again.

I had already gathered the coat with a row of gathering stitches, but the first time I hemmed it, nothing seemed to line up correctly. I also tried steaming it, as Gertie suggested, but since my outer fabric is a wool blend and not a pure wool, it didn't shrink up like hers did. So i had to deal with the bulk of the gathering while I was hemming.

This time, I went ahead and tacked the hem at the seams. This let me get smaller pieces in between the seamlines to hem, and seemed to be straighter, since the seams were all where they were supposed to be. It turned out pretty good for what it was. I'm so ready to wear the coat, and I figure that I'll be the only one that will notice the hem anyways.

Tonight I'm going to iron the hem again to make it lay as flat as it can, and then all I have left is buttonholes. I have to say that the hem was the worst part of this whole ordeal. The pattern should have been drafted like the sleeves, with room for it to be hemmed flat. Guess next time I may just have to do that part myself.

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