Feb 10, 2011

30 for 30: Day 10

It's my Friday! I off of work til Tuesday. Ah, a nice long weekend. I'm gonna be driving up to Orlando for my nephew, Xander's 4th birthday! More about that later in the week.

Today it got hot again here in Miami, so I wore my jean skirt, which I hadn't worn yet. Surprisingly, I wasn't too cold in the office wearing a skirt today. Plus now that I have a camera that's not being difficult, I got a close-up shot, so you can see my jewelry.

What I wore:
  • Striped top--Old Navy
  • Red corduroy jacket--Old Navy
  • Jean skirt--Old Navy
  • Red Flats--Payless

And I added:
  • Silver Hoops--Payless
  • Long silver necklace--Old Navy

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