Feb 14, 2011

30 for 30: Day 14

Today I had to drive home, but first I picked up a new camera! I had been eyeballing my friend Kris's Nikon Coolpix s4000, and luckily she saved the flyer for a place in Orlando that had it on sale. It came in a bundle with a cute purple case and a memory card. I'm so happy to have a working camera and I'm also really glad to be out of the car.

Now I took this pic at home in a new location. I'm not thrilled about it and I need more camera practice, but it'll do for now.

What I wore:
  • Burgundy v-neck--Target
  • Grey Cardi--Old Navy
  • Dark skinny jeans--Old Navy
  • Glitter flats--Payless
(I did not plan to wear my jeans all weekend. I also packed my denim skirt, but it was just too cold to wear it.)

And I added:
  • Houndstooth scarf--Kmart
  • Silver ball earrings--Payless