Feb 18, 2011

30 for 30: Day 18

I can almost see the finish line in the horizon! It's supposed to be hitting 80 today (I know this sounds awesome for those of you that have spent weeks in the cold, but with summer looming here in Miami, we take as much cool as we can.), so I needed something cool and comfy. Now maybe it was a little too cool with this 3/4 sleeve cardi, cause I nearly froze my booty off with the office a/c today, but I defrosted in no time once I stepped outside. I also wanted to add a brooch to the cardi, but the one I wanted was in grandma's room and I didn't want to wake her up just to accessorize.

What I wore:
  • Grey scoop neck--Walmart
  • Purple cardi--Target
  • Skinny jeans--Old Navy
  • Glitter flats--Payless
And I added:
  • Silver ball earrings--Payless
  • Fresh water pearl choker--gift from one of my great-aunts


  1. I think I need some glitter flats :)

  2. Love the purple sweater! It's making me excited for spring ;)