Feb 4, 2011

30 for 30: Day 4

Today was wear red day, which I totally wanted to do, since heart disease hits really close to home. And I figured I'd better get one of those dresses in this week too. I have to say that the dress was super comfy. Once this is over I may have to get a few more to put into my normal clothes rotation.

What I wore:
  • Black dress--Athleta
  • Red corduroy jacket--Old Navy
  • Red flats--Payless
And I added:
  • Ball earrings--Payless
  • Ball Necklace--Dots
I was just looking at all my other posts and they are all a totally different color. And I know I haven't posted my pieces yet. But I have a really good excuse. My camera is currently on its last legs. The battery compartment won't stay closed, the memory card is being a pain and it's draining batteries like crazy. I hope to get a new camera soon, and then the pics should be more normal.

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