May 23, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Four

Week 4 is here. Wow, we are half way through this thing already. Last weeks goals came at the right time for me. It really helped me out with my workouts and I totally am feeling better/fitter!

Now this weeks goals are all about loving yourself. I consider myself pretty self-confident. But we do all have our moments. This week setting the goals has been the hardest for me, but here goes...

1. Get rid of clothes that doesn't fit/isn't me! I still have a bunch of clothes that just doesn't fit me. It also feels like that clothes is from another life. So it's time for it to get out and go to the Goodwill. I only want clothes that feels and looks like me and that makes me feel great.
2. Take a little time for me. I'm always juggling so much, I need to carve out time to just chill. I forsee a pedi for myself this week.
3. Accept all of me. When I was younger I hated having red hair. I was different and that was so not fun being called Strawberry Shortcake and Pippi Longstocking. Now that I'm older I know my red hair is one of the things that makes me unique and totally me. I have to accept all of me that way... my stomach pooch and all.

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