May 22, 2011

Kitchen Curtains

So to go with our pretty new kitchen (we just had new cabinets installed), grandma had been wanting a new curtain for the window. So we headed out to JoAnn's earlier in the week and found the perfect fabric. It has a beige background with veggies all over it. It totally compliments all of her kitchen accessories which have fruits and veggies on them too.
She had seen a curtain in the Anna's Linens flyer and wanted to copy the shape. It was cafe curtains at the bottom with a valance that was longer on the sides. I think it came out great. She even added some rick-rack along the edges, which gave it a perfect touch.

When we were getting the fabric, Grandma, in all her genius, decided to buy all of the fabric that they had (maybe about 4 yards). With the rest of the fabric she made a cute tablecloth for the little kitchen table. She trimmed it with rick-rack too. It looks so cute.

So what do you think of our kitchen curtains? I love home dec projects. They are so easy and quick to whip up. Our next project will probably be new curtains for my bedroom.

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