May 18, 2011

Grandma's fabric stash

I know almost every crafter I know has a stash, some small, but most of the times really big. I did a minor cleaning to my stash not too long ago, and it was so nice to be able to fit all of the fabric I had into one dressser.

This weekend I told my grandma I'd help her whittle down her huge fabric stash. we had some of the old cabinets from the kitchen put into the garage to hold all her fabrics. We just hadn't filled them up yet. After some breakfast, we go into the garage (which is her sewing space) and got down to business.

This mess of fabric on the floor is not even half of what she had. Since she made custom clothing for so many years there were tons of different kinds of fabrics. Satin, crepe, piques, poly blends, organzas, silks, tons of linings, and even some heavy duty cotton (from when she made scrubs). Since I make mostly aprons, wallets and pouches, I only have scraps that are less than a yard sometimes. But grandma had tons and tons of yardage. We found one cut of home dec fabric that was over 20 yards!
As she pulled out the fabric we had 4 piles: keep, trash, give to her sister and keep to make clothes for us. When we were done we filled up an entire pantry sized cabinet. We spent all day sorting and folding, but it was well worth it. We found so much stuff we didn't know we had in there. I found enough fabric to make myself 3 or 4 dresses. We also found tons of notions and a lot of lace. 

Anyone jealous of her stash? We're affectionately calling it "the store" now, cause we have almost enough fabric to open our own fabric store.

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