May 17, 2011

My new do

So after getting a coupon on Couptessa, I snagged myself a cut, treatment, style and blowdry for about $50. I wasn't looking for anything drastic, I just wanted to give my mop some shape and get it out of looking so blah.

I grabbed the first appointment of the day last Thursday, since I'd be going to Orlando later that afternoon. The fabulous Gus asked me what I wanted done, and he totally got what I wanted. He gave me tons of layers and thinned it out a little so it wouldn't get too poufy. Gus also suggested a side sweep to frame my face better. I love it. Plus, I still have plenty of length left, so I can do all of my crazy vintage hairstyles.

Here I am fresh out of the salon, all blow-dryed and fabulous.

And here it is curly, like I usually wear it:

I feel awesome with my new hair! It's so much lighter which always helps in the 90 degree plus weather, plus it looks so cute. Don't you love how a great new do makes you feel?


  1. The lords were definitely with you on this day! LOL

    Love the do and how it complements your face! Very Fab!