May 15, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week Three

Last week due to the Everglades being on fire and the smell of smoke in the air, I wasn't able to get on my bike. But I plan on getting a ride in tomorrow morning.

Now onto this weeks goals which are all about Healthy Eating. I've been trying to eat healthier to go along with my exercise. So this set of goals seems to be coming at a perfect time for me. So here goes...

1. Drink more water (at least 2 of my bottle-fuls a day)! I always seem to have problems with especially when I get home from work. At work I have a water cup next to me all day and am able to get through at least two 16oz. glasses a day. Now I have to keep it up at home.
2. Eat better breakfasts. I have to make time to get my breakfasts at home instead of on the way to work. I have much more healthful options here.
3. Have healthy snacks on hand. This is another big one. Grabbing chocolate when I need that snack at 3pm at work just won't do. I'll pick up fruit and nuts and other healthy things to keep at my desk.

I'm having a great time reading other people's goals and seeing how their 8 weeks are chugging along. So how are your goals going?

1 comment:

  1. Good for you, you can do it! =]
    I have healthy snacks on my list too... same here, I opt for chocolate when it's an option. I need to just not make it an option!