May 11, 2011

Orange-y Tunic Top

So here it is the top I made on Easter. I'm so happy I finally got around to making this.

I didn't make any alterations to the pattern. I used the smallest size, and though I thought the armholes would be too big, they weren't. I've learned to accept the fact that the ruching in the yoke is a mess. I'm loving the graphic print and the bright red-orange.

I'm always super intimidated when making clothing. I hem and haw and put it off forever. But next time I have to just jump in and do it. Once I get started it's always easier than what I had thought.

I plan on making a nice easy summer dress next, with help from Grandma. I'll have a details on the construction of that one, cause I want her to show me how to make it from scratch. (EEK!)

So what do you think of the top?

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, how lovely! I wish I had a talent of some sort. =P