Jun 19, 2011

Eight weeks to a better me: Week Eight

The last week is here! I can't believe it. It's all gone by so fast.

Now let's get onto this week's theme: awakening your creative side. This is something I need a push with lately. With all of the things going on with Handmade Miami, it's hard getting the sewing in for me. But I feel like I'm getting back into the groove of things and this week's goal will really help. So here go my:
1. Make more stuff! Actually making things makes me get back into the groove and want to continue making things. Today I made myself a skirt, and I think that the bag that I have in my mind to make will have to be my next project. I also have a stack of already cut aprons waiting to be put together.
2. Check out my Pinterest. There are tons of cool projects that I've pinned, but I never seem to go back and check them out. I have to go look at them and maybe tackle one.
3. Use my color inspiration list. I've been keeping a list of cool color combinations I see on my phone. Now I just have to put the colors to use in a project.

I hope everyone gets a chance to wake up their creative side this week. What creative stuff have you been up to lately?

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