Jun 19, 2011

I made a new skirt

I finally made myself a new piece of clothing. This was a  pretty easy project and took a couple of hours to finish (it only took me that long cause I took pictures along the way).

I used Simplicity 2286. I was going to make view B with the pockets, but I omitted the pocked for ease and so I wouldn't spend all afternoon matching up stripes. I used this nice cream linen with grey stripes that we found when we sorted through all of the fabric in the garage.

I laid out my fabric and cut out the three pieces: front, back and two waistbands. Then I just sewed everything up. There are only two seams on this skirt, and then the gathering and attaching to the waistband. This is a great project for someone just learning to sew.

After sewing the side seams I took the skirt to the serger to clean up the edges. If you've ever worked with linen before you know that it frays like crazy, so the serger was a definite plus for this project. Luckily, the serger was already threaded with white, so I saved myself the two hour ordeal of changing the thread on the machine. (Now I know that normally changing your serger thread should not take that long, but whenever I do it, I seem to run into a problem and have to re-thread the whole machine.)

After finishing the edges, I gathered the skirt and attached it to the waistband. I threaded through some elastic and then did a small hem. This skirt is kinda short. So I did a very little hem, not the one inch the pattern said to do. If you ever make this pattern, you may want to give it a little extra length, so you can then adjust to your taste.

I was pretty much done with the skirt, so I stepped out to have Grandma to a quick check of the hem. I wanted to make sure it at least looked straight. She said it did, so I was good to go. This was such an easy skirt and it's so comfy. I think I may make another one maybe with the pockets. This one will definitely be making it to work this week.

So what do you think of this skirt? Have you ever made any clothes for yourself?

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