Jun 19, 2011

Eight weeks to a better me: Week Seven

Craziness around here, so I'm a week late on this week's post. But I do really love the theme for this week: personal style. I don't feel I have a definitive style, but I am trying to hone in on one. If I could describe it, I'm going for a style that is creative and fun with a retro twist. From what you've seen on here, does that make sense with what you see?

So here are my style goals (which I kinda did last week, but will continue this week too):
1. Wear more skirts and dresses. I did this a lot this past week. With the scorching heat here in Miami, a dress is such an easy comfy way to get through it while still looking cute.
2. Expand my accessory wardrobe. I need some new earrings and necklaces to wear. Though I'm really loving the new pendant I made at a recent Crafter-noon.
3. Make myself a new item of clothing. I have a pattern for an easy skirt that I got at a craft party and I have some striped fabric that I think will work. I may have to make this skirt tomorrow, so I can wear it to work this week

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