Feb 17, 2012

Friday Faves 1

I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite things I find on the internet each week. I love seeing other bloggers faves and likes for the week, so I thought I'd start sharing mine. So here goes, my first Friday Faves.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
These cake batter milkshakes from A Beatuiful Mess look so delicious. Sippable cake in a glass? Yes please!

One of my friends shared this on Facebook this week and I had to share it too. I'm currently on book 4 of Harry Potter and I'm loving it. (I've already seen the movies, but the books are even more awesome!) And don't even get me started on Twilight, the concept of sparkling vampires is just wrong.

walkingfoot with double needle sample
picture from Made by Rae
These awesome tips on hemming knits from Made by Rae will come in really handy. I just found some awesome mustard-colored knit fabric in Abuela's fabric stash that I want to use to make myself a top, so I hope these tips will help. I'm a fan of wearing knit, but not working with it.

Have you been voting in The Pioneer Woman's romantic comedy movie poll? It's down to the last two, I can't wait to see which one wins. (I'm rooting for Harry & Sally!)

picture from Vixen Vintage
I love this old school charm bracelet that I saw on Vixen Vintage. I know the Pandora bracelets are all the rage (at least they are in my office), but I think these charm bracelets have so much more character. And the reto vibe is always a plus with me. I may just start my own charm bracelet.

I found an awesome blog this week, This Lunch Rox! I love seeing lunch and bento pics and this blog has such awesome ideas and fun looking lunches. It even inspired me to take lunch to work a few days this week.

picture from Cornflower Blue Studio
This rotating goals list is such a great idea. I think something like this would look great in my craft room. Maybe I'd actually get things done.

picture from The Handmade Home
I totally love the list of 25 fun fonts for font snobs on The Handmade Home. Most of the fonts on the list area available for free download, and yes I did download most of them. I'm working a new header using some of these cute fonts. We'll see what I can come up with.

And finally my friend Kerry posted some new Adele pics on her blog that will be coming out in the March issue of Vogue. I love Adele and her style is just fabulous. Her hair and makeup? Don't even get me started. It was awesome to hear her at the Grammys this week.

Well that's it for this week. I hope you have fun looking at my finds.


  1. I love that DIY goal list- I pinned it earlier today ;)

    I have always loved Bento lunches--- they are SO cute and creative, but omg who has the time?!

  2. I'm convinced Bento makers have to be SAHM that just blog about them... no one else would find the time to make a lunch look like that