Mar 8, 2012

Cake decorating class: Week 1

Tonight was my first cake decorating class. This class was all about the basics. We learned about baking our cakes, cutting them and filling them. Then we learned how to make faux buttercream to frost our cakes with. The book calls it buttercream, but since there is no butter involved, I'll call it what it is.

We did get to play with some frosting though. After piping out our stars on the practice mat, we got to work on the cookies we brought. The cookies may have been store-bought, but the decorations were all mine.

I'm liking the class so far and got some really great tips for making cakes. I can't wait to get more into the nitty gritty of the decorating.

Next week we have to bring a frosted cake to class, so you'll get to see my creation once I'm done. I can't wait to have my first decorated cake using my new techniques!

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